24hr Repair service
24 Hour, 7 day a week emergency service.
Have a leak in your fire sprinkler system, alarm going off, or an emergency? Our dedicated team of trained professional service technicians are on call 24/7 to ensure your fire sprinkler system is in proper operating condition at all times. Technicians can make repairs anytime day or night.

Residential Fire Sprinkler System Yearly Inspection
Commercial Fire Sprinkler System Flow Testing
Care Home Inspections
Are required by the State, city and local fire codes. Fire sprinkler system flow testing and Fire extinguisher inspections are to be performed at least once a year. We have been specializing in care home inspections to provide the elderly with a safe environment to live in.
City and state require all commercial fire sprinkler systems to be flow tested once annually. Call to schedule a service appointment and one of our technicians will come to flow test and inspect your sprinkler system, ensuring your business remains compliant to all fire codes.
In Arizona it is recommended that your residential fire sprinkler system is flow tested once a year to reduce the calcium build up that can acquire though out the years. Calcium buildup may cause the fire sprinkler heads to not activate when needed and proper flow testing will prevent this from happening.

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Fire Extinguisher Inspections
Fire extinguisher inspections are required by the State, city and local fire codes, and are to be performed at least once a year. Having your extinguisher inspected ensures the extinguisher will function properly when you need it most.
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